Demand for Covid19 Vaccines Will Be Overwhelming

It’s either pandemonium or preparedness. Are you ready?

The tighter the lockdown, the higher the demand will be. Holiday travel lines just for testing were as long as 11 hours at some urgent care centers. Vaccine demand will be even worse.

This whiteboard video explains how OnTimeCare Vibe can handle both vaccine appointments at once, and how a mom could book all eight appointments for a family of four in 60 seconds:



Learn all about OnTimeCare VIBE right here as Patient Innovations CTO, Robin Bennett, shows you around the software.

Introduction to OnTimeCare 
This video gives you a general tour of this incredible software with a look at some of the key screens and info the system displays.

Online Scheduling From Anywhere on the Internet

Gain more patients and bookings. OnTimeCare Vibe, our Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine, works from your website and anywhere on the Internet:

  • Your website
  • Any web page
  • Most search results
  • Map listings
  • Business listings
  • Social Media

There’s no need for patient to pre-register behind your firewall.

OnTimeCare’s PatientPriority® 
When you book an appointment with OnTimeCare VIBE the system instantly calculates a triage level
we call PatientPriority.

If a doctor is out on an emergency, rather than just bump two hours of appointments
his staff can bump lower priority patients and reschedule higher priority ones for later.

SmartStandby® – Reduce the Need to Overbook  
Now you no longer need to overbook just to keep the schedule full. Avoid the stress
of overbooking with our incredible SmartStandby module. SmartStandby automatically fills cancelations and
anticipates and pre-fills no-shows.

SmartBalanceTM: Automatic Load Balancing
Why keep patients waiting if another doctor in your group has availability?

Reallocate patients among busy practitioners to help them get earlier access. You can do this manually or
let OnTimeCare manage it for you. In autopilot mode, SmartBalance sends a text to arriving patients to
let them know if an Alternative Doctor is available.


ADAM and PLIM Supercharges OnTimeCare Load Balancing

ADAM is OnTimeCare’s Alternative Doctor Available Message. Patients in the waiting room get an ADAM automatically if an alternative covering doctor is available sooner.

If the patient switches, and the busy doctor is now free he or she gets a PLIM: Patient Look-In Message. It invites the first doctor to look in on their patient with the covering doctor: “Mary, I’m sorry I was backed up before, but you’re in really good hands with Dr. Green. I just wanted to be sure you’re ok.” It takes 15 seconds and makes the patient feel like a million dollars.


See More Patients by Eliminating Leaked Time with Treatment Timers

It happens with almost every patient: your medical assistant or technician administers a treatment. It could be oxygen in a Cardiology practice or dilation in an ophthalmology practice. The treatment takes 10 minutes, but the staffer doesn’t get back in the room for 25. This means 15 minutes evaporates with each patient needing a treatment.

OnTimeCare treatment timers remind your staffer as soon as the treatment time is up. If the workflow calls for the physician in the exam room after the treatment, then it pops up in real time on the physician’s UpNext view.

Practitioner Mobile App 

This handy app updates in real time and shows:

  • Your schedule for the day
  • UpNext: This workflow view lets you know which exam room you’re needed in next
  • The Communicator tab lets you create or edit custom text message templates to quickly send them to patients in
    a few screen taps –  from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Communicator: Saves Time and Phone Calls

When you call patients with test results it should take a couple of minutes – but they often don’t want to let you off the phone. Communicator gets them the information instantly and saves time. And all communication with the patient is stored in the patient record.

SmartFactors™ Calculate Correct Variable Appointment Length

Set OnTimeCare SmartFactors as part of your practice setup. They then learn automatically based on patient interactions. This assures more accurate scheduling and practice optimization.


Watchlists Let Busy Team Members View Only the Rooms They Need

Filter the OnTimeCare Rooms view with your own personal Watch List. For example, you might save a list of Exam Rooms and the Waiting Room.


Late Alerts Prevent Needless Wait Times

OnTimeCare lets you notify patients manually or automatically when you’re running behind schedule so they won’t have to wait needlessly. You can even let them know if you’re ahead of schedule and try to get some to come in early.

Visit Manager: A Comprehensive Look at Today’s Schedule

Click on any patient and instantly see their visit and communication history.

Schedule, Reschedule or Cancel patients from Visit Manager or launch secure medical team communications.

The Patient Journey

Now you can add Real Time Location Services (RTLS) with OnTimeCare Vista at barely 20% of the cost of legacy RFID systems.

Vista automatically sees patient and staff movement using the latest Bluetooth technology. It measures the encounters between medical staff and patients to optimize efficiency. The actual time the medical team spends with patients constantly updates our SmartFactors to help OnTimeCare schedule the correct, variable length of time needed for each appointment type.

OnTimeCare is an outstanding new scheduling, efficiency and communication suite to make your practice more productive and profitable while improving patient experience and engagement.