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Introduction to OnTime Care:

OnTime Care Vibe™ – Our Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine is smartphone scheduling from anywhere on the Internet

OnTime Care Vista® – Real Time Location Services at less than 30% of the cost of legacy RFID systems.

SmartStandby® – no need to overbook – OnTime Care fills cancelations and anticipates and fills No-shows to avoid holes in your schedule

SmartBalance™ – automatically balances the load between busy doctors and locations.










SmartBalance™ – Automatic Load Balancing

TreatmentTimers™ – save time and boost efficiency

Treatment Timers in OnTime Care Rooms View

SmartFactors ™ – make the magic happen and make OnTime Care the most accurate scheduling engine in medicine

SmartFactors make OnTime Care the most precise scheduling engine

OnTime Care AI Chat makes it easier for patients to self-serve and get answers without phoning

Visit Manager – your birds eye view of everything happening in your practice

SmartComm® – offers many ways to stay in touch with patients – including alerts if you’re running late

OnTime Care Watchlists – staff can focus on just the areas that need their attention

Practitioner Portal – shows medical team where to go next and allows for fast access to the OnTime Care Communicator