SmartBalance™ – Automatic Load Balancing

Every version of OnTime Care includes SmartBalance to automatically balance the load between busy doctors, extenders and locations.

You get to pick which practitioners can cover depending on the visit reason.

OnTime Care SmartBalance includes the ADAM and PLIM: Alternative Doctor Available Message and Patient Look-in Message.

If the patient arrives and their doctor is running behind but a covering doctor is available sooner, OnTime Care automatically sends an ADAM to let the patient know an alternative doctor is available sooner.

Let’s say Dr. Green is running 45 minutes behind, but Dr. Jones has an opening in 10 minutes. The patient, Mary, gets an auto-alert about the delay and asks if she would like to switch to Dr. Jones or if she prefers to wait.

If the patient does switch, then Dr. Green will get a PLIM as soon as he’s free. It lets him know Mary switched to Dr. Jones, and which exam room they’re in. Dr. Green can then knock on the exam room door, poke his head in and let Mary know he’s sorry he was backed up before, but she’s in great hands with Dr. Jones. It takes 15 seconds, but Mary will feel like a million dollars.

OnTime Care also notifies the receptionist checking the patient in that an earlier opening is available.

ADAM and PLIM Supercharges OnTimeCare Load Balancing

ADAM is OnTimeCare’s Alternative Doctor Available Message. Patients in the waiting room get an ADAM automatically if an alternative covering doctor is available sooner.

Busy doctors get a PLIM: Patient Look-In Message once they’re free and the original patient is still there: It invites the first doctor to look in on their patient with the covering doctor:

“Mary, I’m sorry I was backed up before, but you’re in really good hands with Dr. Green. I just wanted to be sure you’re ok.”

It takes 15 seconds and makes the patient feel like a million dollars.

See how it works in this short video.