Reimagining Healthcare

Our focus on patients improves care delivery

Lower Wait Times. Increase Revenue. It’s That Simple.

Keep patients waiting and you’ll see fewer patients.

OnTimeCare Vista is our intelligent, responsive technology platform that optimizes clinical decision support and operational workflows to reduce endless waiting and costly lost, leaking time in clinics and hospitals. 

Schedule More Intelligently

OnTimeCare Vista RTLS includes SmartSchedule: an intelligent scheduling and communications platform that eliminates waiting in doctors’ offices and avoids overbooking with our automated standby system.

Everybody Wins.

Eliminating long wait times in doctors’ offices increases patient access and improves throughput. This has even more benefits for practitioners than for patients. It’s a true win-win.

Increase Throughput and Speed Room Turnover

The same approach to recovering all the lost, leaking time in hospitals increases throughput, room turnover and efficiency while improving employee and patient satisfaction.

Less Stress and Burnout

Recovering wasted time reduces physician and staff stress.You can find anything and everyone in moments, and patients will be happier when everything is moving more efficiently.

Significant Revenue Improvement

Your hospital will see significant bottom-line improvement quickly. OnTimeCare adds top-line revenue while cutting expenses. This solution is the first of several proprietary, technology-enabled innovations including OnTime Analytics, OnTime Discharge and OnTime Updates.

John Tabone, Patient Innovations CEO, notes:

“Patient Innovations robust RTLS platform with its unique persisted datasets and proprietary algorithms were purpose-built to scale and provide needed efficiencies, improving the dynamics of patient access and healthcare delivery.

The real benefit of technology is having the right information and resources in the right place at the right time to enhance compliance and operational efficiencies. Information derived from our persisted datasets is the gateway to optimizing performance, clinical workflows and patient engagement.

From its founding vision to the current portfolio of innovations and high-value use cases leveraging unique content and analytics, Patient Innovations is committed to enhancing its current platform with an increasing array of high-value use cases and other value-based services.”


Meet the Patient Innovations Team

With decades of combined healthcare experience, the Patient Innovations Leadership Team and Advisory Board bring clients deep domain and segment expertise.

Industry Memberships

Patient Innovations is proud to support several organizations dedicated to improving healthcare through innovation and education.