Don’t You Hate Waiting
for the Doctor?

Don’t You Hate Waiting <br />for the Doctor?
Lose Wait with OnTime Care

Lose Wait with OnTime Care

One of the most frustrating experiences you have as a consumer is the endless waiting when you’re a patient visiting a doctor’s office or you’re admitted to the hospital.

That’s about to change as more practitioners discover OnTime Care from Patient Innovations: software designed to eliminate waiting in doctors’ offices, optimize their practices and recover all of the lost, unproductive time in practices and hospitals.

Think about just some of the waiting you do:

  • In waiting rooms
  • In exam rooms
  • Weeks for an appointment with a busy specialist
  • In the Emergency Room
  • In a hospital hallway waiting for an available bed for admission
  • In hospitals waiting for the admissions nurse, transport, clinical staff, portable equipment and the discharge nurse.

Why Can’t Anyone Tell You How Long You’ll Wait?

Great question! It’s simply not done in healthcare, but OnTime Care is changing that. OnTime Care will notify you by text, email or automated phone call whenever:

  • The doctor is running late
  • Another doctor in the group is available sooner
  • A cancelation occurred so you can see that busy doctor or specialist sooner instead of waiting weeks for the appointment
Why Can’t Anyone Tell You How Long You’ll Wait?
Patient Innovations – Starts with Patients

Patient Innovations – Starts with Patients

We created OnTime Care to make it better for you, the patient, by eliminating endless waiting throughout healthcare and improving communication with you.

Schedule or Reschedule from Your Smartphone

From scheduling and rescheduling from your smartphone – or any device – and advising you of delays – it’s about valuing your time.

Yet, we found that by saving you time, we’re actually making healthcare more efficient so that practitioners and hospitals can earn more money. Our goal is to slow the rising cost of healthcare while improving patient experience and loyalty.

Is Your Doctor Keeping You Waiting?

If you’ve recently experienced a long wait time at your doctor’s office or in a hospital, please let us know and we’ll reach out to introduce them to OnTime Care®.