Does OnTime Care replace Practice Management (PM) or EMR/EHR systems?

No. OnTime Care Vibe Silver, Gold and Platinum Vista options supplement PM and EMR systems by providing an unprecedented level of online, real-time intelligent scheduling and patient communications.

Does OnTime Care interface with existing systems?

Yes. Using HL7 and APIs OnTime Care will exchange and synchronize data across systems. Our mission is to add efficiency and reduce wasted time. There is no double entry. We also use InterfaceWare’s Iguana to facilitate interoperability.

What are some of the additional functions OnTime Care adds to existing systems?
  • Vibe – the Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine adds real-time booking from any device and from anywhere on the Internet – even for new patients:
    • Any web page
    • Third party sites
    • Most search results
    • Map listings
    • Business listings
    • Social Media
  • SmartStandby® – No more overbooking! SmartStandby adds an automatic standby function that
    fills cancelations and anticipates and fills no-shows.
  • SmartBalanceTM – Automatically balance the load between busy physicians in one location or across multiple locations
  • PatientPriority® – Instantly assigns a automatic triage level to any visit
  • SmartComm® – The most advanced communications platform in the industry. SmartComm goes way beyond simple reminders. SmartComm is like having a patient CRM system. It’s a complete patient engagement system including responsive:
    •  Texts
    • Broadcast texts
    • Secure group messaging to care teams
    • Telemedicine
    • Intelligent Automated voice calls (text to voice)
    • Email
    • Communicator – lets doctors send templated or custom emails to patients. Saves time on the phone.

There’s even more functionality. Call or email for more information.

What is Vista?

Vista is our BLE enabled real time location services module. It’s designed to replace legacy RFID systems at barely ¼ of the cost. Vista is like Air Traffic Control for patients! You’ll get a clear view of your workflow inefficiency, and have the ability to optimize efficiency, throughput and revenue.

Increase efficiency, save time and have happier staff and patients.

Using inexpensive beacons you can:

  • Monitor and locate working portable equipment
  • Report equipment issues to your bio-med department with one-click
  • Find anything or anyone instantly
  • Measure encounters between patients and medical staff
  • Increase efficiency
  • Cut room turnover to under one hour

Is installation very complicated?

No. OnTime Care is SaaS – Cloud-based software. There’s nothing to install; OTC runs in a browser tab and on any portable device.

Specs and Techs

Learn more about OnTime Care here. Download our Technical briefing:

OnTime Care Technical Briefing