Surgery + Radiology

OnTime Care Books Pre-op, Surgery and Post-op in one pass

It’s easy to set up appointment groups and serial bookings

Your surgical coordinator can book all aspects of surgery in one pass. An obstetric coordinator could book all 14 new-natal visits in under 60 seconds.

Take the Burden off Call Centers

Post pandemic pent up demand is already overwhelming facilities. The ideal solution is OnTime Care Vibe – our Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine – that let’s patients book from almost anywhere on the Internet. There’s no need to visit your site and create a profile first.

World’s Most Advanced Booking Engine

What a great supplement to your Practice Management and EMR/EHR systems. Add real-time Smartphone booking for all – from anywhere. Take the strain off your beleaguered call center and employees. Let OnTime Care do the work.

Covid Screenshot

Mom’s Can Schedule a Family of Four New Patients in 60 Seconds

You read that right! That’s how effective OnTime Care is as a supplement to your PM/EMR system. And, OnTime Care is safe and secure in the Cloud – hosted by Amazon Web Services.

More Than Just Booking

OnTime Care Vibe includes:

  • SmartBalance™ – Automatic load balancing between practitioners and locations
  • SmartStandby®  – Automatically fills cancellations and anticipates and fills -no-shows
  • SmartDistance™ – Automatically manages Social Distancing and safe patient flow
  • SmartComm® – Robust patient communications and engagement portal. So powerful, it’s like having a patient CRM. It includes:
    • Responsive, integrated text messages
    • Responsive, integrated automated voice calls
    • Emails
    • Responsive, integrated Broadcast texts
    • Communicator so doctors and extenders can send custom texts to patients securely
    • Telemedicine
  • On Time Care AI Chat – cut call volume even further! This incredible AI Chat can answer most FAQS automatically
  • Patient Mini-Portal – Info and booking right on patients’ smartphones
  • Practitioner Mini-Portal – Shows appointment info, UpNext – where to go next and Communicator

Four More Scans per Day in Radiology

OnTime Care Vista brings unprecedented efficiency to Radiology. Vista is like Air Traffic Control for patients.

Adding just four more scans daily means  $3.94 million in new revenue per location.

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