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Insights From Patient Innovations

Patient Innovations is driven to make hospitals, practices and clinics more efficient and productive. This improves employee and patient satisfaction… and earns more revenue. Patient retention and referrals will also increase.

Here are our latest insights garnered from our team’s interpretation of the latest intelligence and data available from OnTimeCare Vista and industry research.

Chairman & CEO John M. Tabone

Healthcare spending is big and growing

It is well known that US Healthcare spending approximates 18% of GDP, and that number is forecasted to grow to 21% in the next ten years.

Healthcare delivery represented 9% of that number due to productivity-related costs.

A recent McKinsey study stated that technology innovations have the potential to improve productivity gains and can help provider systems to fully utilize their clinical workforce.

McKinsey Study: Existing Scheduling Systems Inadequate

McKinsey’s report indicated that modifying scheduling systems and broadening the application of reminders systems will address the current unused capacity in physician schedules.

Managing Physician Burnout

In response to the growing physician burnout phenomenon, McKinsey stated “To prevent physicians from burning out, after these changes are made, provider systems could encourage all clinical staff members to maximize the amount of time they spend on the highest-complexity activities commensurate with their training and experience.

This is the very premise upon which OnTimeCare was built, and represents an important part of our growing portfolio of high value use cases leveraging our Vista RTLS platform.


Co-Founder and President Ken Greenberg

The Secret Sauce in Patient Experience

Everybody is focused on patient experience. Hospitals have spent fortunes on training for empathy, making rooms quieter, etc.

But the big complaint is the endless waiting

Whether it’s a hospital or a clinic, you need to eliminate needless, endless waiting. It’s actually the result of all the lost, leaky time.

Where does time leak? These are just two examples: nurses looking for working portable equipment and the time between discharge and getting the next patient into the room. There are so many more examples. Without addressing all of that, improving HCAHPS, CAHPS and Press-Ganey scores will be an uphill battle.


Advisory Board Harlan Stock, MD, MBA

Increase Productivity to Reduce Spending Growth

A recent McKinsey study1 found that improving the productivity of care delivery will reduce the predicted growth in healthcare spending. The study noted that better use of more innovative technology for scheduling would improve physician productivity.

All too often, physician schedules are determined – and limited by – rules that specify the types of patients a given physician will see and at what times.

These are the very issues OnTimeCare Vista solves.