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Smartphone booking for all –
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Book Faster. <br />Communicate Better.

The OnTime Care Suite is making healthcare better

Shorter wait times. Greater throughput.

The secret: more intelligent scheduling and
unmatched patient communication.
The OnTime Care Suite includes:

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Patient Innovations Innovation Commitment

The next major release of OnTime Care will incorporate even more innovations:

Clinical Documentation: Access to clinical documentation delivered in SOAP or APSO formats for physicians on their devices in advance of a patient encounter with enhanced clinical and administrative data exchange.

Amazon Alexa Integration: Issue commands and requests via Alexa. From starting treatment times to requesting a medical assistant, practitioners need only ask, and OnTime Care delivers.

Intelligent Physician Reminders: Doctors no longer need to crowd their schedules with appointments that are really just reminders. Instead, keep the schedule open and ask OnTime Care to remind you to do a specific task, order a test, etc., on a date certain or the next time you see a patient.

SmartScan: Are you losing time waiting for data-heavy scans to load on screen?

Problem solved: Radiology technicians using OnTime Care Vista on their portable devices can take a picture of the key scan image. The image is not stored on their device in Pictures. Instead, it’s a secure blob in OnTime Care.

Since this image is tiny by comparison to a scan, the attending physician can pull it up instantly, while the actual comprehensive scan loads. This keeps the appointment and discussion moving.

Pipeline Products


OnTimeDischarge is an incredible new innovation that will cut several hours between the discharge order and patient exit – making hospital rooms available hours sooner.

Coupled with OnTime Care Vista which speeds room turnover in hospitals after discharged patients leave their rooms, OnTimeDischarge will add significant revenue each year.