Book Faster.
Communicate Better.

Smartphone booking for all –
from anywhere on the Internet

Book Faster. <br />Communicate Better.

The OnTimeCare Suite is making healthcare better

Shorter wait times. Greater throughput.

The secret: more intelligent scheduling and
unmatched patient communication.
The OnTimeCare Suite includes:
  • Improving Patient Care through Mobile Health Technology - Patient Innovations

    OnTimeCare Vibe – Smartphone Scheduling for All from Anywhere on the Internet!

    Vibe is our Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine. Unlike other booking software that requires you to first register and login on your website, Vibe lets you book from:

    • Any web page
    • Most search results
    • Find-a-Doctor pages
    • Social Media
    • Third party sites like Yelp

    This means more access and more new business since patients can book from anywhere.

    Truly Intelligent Scheduling

    Patients Select a Visit Reason and OnTimeCare calculates the correct, variable length of the appointment.

    Book Both Covid19 Vaccine Appointments at Once

    For Covid19 Vaccines, OTC offers patients both appointments at once. A mom could book an entire family of four – for all eight vaccine appointments – in under 60 seconds.

    Book a Series of Appointments in Under 60 Seconds

    Simply sets of appointments like pre-op, surgery and even multiple post-op appointments. Then book them all in one click. OnTime Care can even do all 14 neonatal appointments for a new expectant mom in moments.

    Greater Call Center Efficiency

    Your call centers will book faster with OnTimeCare Vibe, too. Faster booking times mean shorter calls and hold times!

    Patients booking from their smartphones choose their visit reason.

    OnTimeCare does the rest.


    Patients Indicate Special Needs

    OnTimeCare calculates the correct variable length of each appointment based on the visit reason or type and whether the patient has any special needs.


  • Say hello to more intelligent scheduling.

    Most scheduling systems are simply computerized paper calendars. Everybody is still scheduling the same 15-minute appointments regardless of the visit reason.

    OnTimeCare SmartSchedule is more intelligent than most scheduling systems, yet compatible with all EHRs and PMs.

    Patients simply indicate the reason for their visit and SmartSchedule calculates the correct variable length of time for the appointment using intelligent acuity and rules-based auto-triage.

    Patients can also advise if they:

    • Use a walker
    • Have a wheel chair
    • Use portable oxygen
    • Are sight impaired
    • Have a companion with them
    • Are hearing impaired
    • Need an interpreter


    Choosing any or several of the above informs our SmartFactorsTM to add time to the variable appointment length scheduled.

    Each SmartFactor constantly learns and updates based on actual times your patients spend during their visit.

    No more overbooking

    Our enhanced, interactive patient reminders coupled with SmartStandby automatically fill canceled appointments and – an OnTimeCare exclusive: anticipate and automatically fill no-shows.

    Auto Appointment Interleaving and Queuing

    If a doctor only spends a few minutes with each patient, why does the appointment often run more than an hour? Where is that time leaking?

    It’s more than just our variable appointment length:

    • How are patients queued?
    • What’s the sequence of each appointment?
    • What’s the patient journey?
    • What’s the triage level or PatientPriority®
    • How are clinical and administrative staff staging each phase of the appointment?

    While some appointments can take longer the doctor typically only spends a few minutes with the patient.

    Interleaving the variable length appointments more efficiently means doctors see more patients, spend more quality time with them and experience less stress.

    OnTimeCare helps clinical staff queue patients for the doctors more efficiently in the most efficient sequence for effective and productive staging.

    More Scans in Radiology

    The benefits are infinite with OTC’s more comprehensive view of scheduling. For example, what if you could add four more radiology scans per day per location?

    It’s possible with smarter scheduling, queuing, sequencing and staging to remove downtime. You would add several million dollars in revenue per location.

    Automatic Load Balancing Between Doctors and Locations with SmartBalance

    Jenny is four months pregnant and has an appointment with Dr. Greenblatt for her three-month checkup.

    Once she checks in, Jenny gets an automatic text alert from OnTimeCare: Dr. Greenblatt is running 45 minutes behind, but Dr. Emerson is available in eight minutes.

    Jenny can choose to switch to Dr. Emerson or wait for Dr. Greenblatt.

    Even if Jenny chooses to wait, this is a much better experience than simply not knowing how long the wait will be.

    Load Balance Between Locations, Too.

    SmartBalance is also available when patients book appointments, and you set the rules for which doctors and locations will participate in load balancing.

    For example, let’s say you have a practice with five nearby locations. Three are overbooked, yet two locations have lighter schedules. A patient seeking a next-day appointment may not find availability in her preferred location; but, SmartBalance will automatically suggest taking an available appointment in a convenient sister location with the same practice.

    Millennials Won’t Wait – Less Loyal

    A recent studyby The Advisory Board showed that Millennials will not wait weeks to see their regular physician:

    Millennials would sooner use Yelp to find another doctor they don’t even know rather than wait. Load balancing with SmartBalance can help you retain your patients – and increase patient satisfaction. It’s a win-win.


  • Improved Patient Communication and Engagement

    Our included SmartComm® platform is like a patient CRM. It includes dynamic, interactive texting (SMS), intelligent and responsive automated phone calls and emails. (Patients choose the order of their communications preferences.)

    Our automated phone calls convert any text we choose into natural-sounding speech, and OnTimeCare is smart enough to distinguish between patients answering the call – who get responsive options – and voicemail, where we simply leave a message.

    SmartComm keeps patients informed and engaged: before the visit, during wait times, and after they leave.

    Late Alerts Upon Check-in

    SmartComm will have the conversations your staff doesn’t want to have: no receptionist wants to tell an arriving patient that the doctor is running an hour late. SmartComm eliminates the anxiety of not knowing how long the wait will be and takes much of the communications burden away from busy staff.

    Works with SmartBalance to save even more time.

    If a doctor has fallen behind schedule and another practitioner in the group is available sooner, SmartComm works dynamically with SmartBalance to send patients interactive text messages offering them the opportunity to switch or wait. This saves patients time, improves the patient experience and retention, and optimizes the practice load and efficiency.

    Late Alerts Prior to Arrival

    This is the ultimate patient experience: Although OnTimeCare keeps doctors running on time, if they do fall behind, SmartComm will send a late alert to patients prior to arrival, advising them to come closer to the actual time the doctor can see them.

    This thoughtful touch does wonders for the patient experience, and with our SmartBalance load balancing capability can offer the patient a more convenient appointment with another doctor in your office or at another nearby location.

    Each practice can determine which doctors or locations can cover for each other with SmartBalance load balancing.

  • OnTimeCare’s “auto triage”, PatientPriority, automatically assigns a priority level to every patient visit or admission.

    Busy doctors who might need to bump appointments can bump the lowest priority appointments and have OnTimeCare PatientPriority automatically ask the higher priority patients to accept a later time.

    Combined with scheduling preference strategies through SmartBalance, the system automatically balances the load between busy practitioner or locations.


  • Eliminate the stress of needless overbooking with SmartStandby.

    Doctors often overbook to avoid costly holes in their schedule due to cancellations and no-shows.

    OnTimeCare’s SmartStandby automatically fills cancellations, as well as anticipates and fills no-shows.

    Patients get up to four dynamic reminder texts or automated phone calls. Should they cancel, reschedule or fail to respond to multiple reminders, the system can automatically fill the appointment from our automated standby list.

    It’s easy for patients to get on the standby list – whether they call your office or book from their smartphones: if they don’t see an available appointment soon enough, they simply tap the handy “Standby” button on their smart device.

    If they accept a standby appointment offer for an appointment, they get a second text confirming the new date and time.

  • Patients hate filling out the same clipboard forms every time they visit. OnTimeIntake lets them complete easier, intuitive device-responsive forms at home or on the go.

    Frequent visitors can update changes, and the system will verify their coverage status. Patients can even add audio clips and pictures and sign their forms with electronic ink.

  • Real Time Locations Services at a Fraction of the Cost

    OnTimeCare Vista is like Air Traffic Control for patients, and uses the latest generation of low-cost Bluetooth technology – at a fraction of the cost of RFID systems and with more accurate location data – to monitor interactions between patients, staff and portable medical equipment.

    The system stores all of the data for later analysis with OnTime Analytics.

    Find Anyone or Anything Instantly

    Staff can instantly locate portable equipment, other staff members or patients instantly.

    One-Button Equipment Repair

    Report equipment failures with the simple click of a button. OnTimeCare writes a repair order to the BioMed database and notifies BioMed personnel to retrieve the equipment for repair.

    Nurses no longer have to waste time looking for working portable equipment and your facility will need significantly fewer pieces of equipment since everything is operational and easily located.

    Nurse and Clinical Staff Safety

    A single button press on a small OnTimeCare tag on their employee badge instantly alerts the security department, pinpoints the precise location of an adverse encounter and records information regarding the patient and the duration of the event.

    Disposables Control

    Disposables like catheters and angioplasty balloons in the operating room have expiration dates. It’s not uncommon for busy staff to pull newer items, causing older ones to be discarded. This can cost thousands of dollars every day. OnTimeCare solves the problem instantly.

    Automated Temperature and Humidity Monitoring and Reporting

    OTC Vista will constantly monitor temperature/humidity in refrigerators and rooms throught the hospital. This takes the human factor out of managing, watching and reporting on temperature/humidity – Vista automates the entire process. Reporting is also automatic and intuitive.

    If the system sees a monitored area going out of range, it notifies designated personnel and can even write a repair to your BioMed or other databases.

    End the Working Portable Equipment Nightmare

    “My greatest nightmare is looking for working portable equipment,” said Debra Grim, CNO, Long Island Community Hospital.

    With OnTimeCare, staff can find equipment instantly and keep everything functioning with one-button repair. Finally, nurses can concentrate on the important things – like patient care!

    Millions of Data Points

    Our OnTimeCare Vista platform includes OnTime Analytics: proprietary, persistent datasets, providing actionable insights you need through clear clinical dashboards. With millions of data points already collected, our OnTime Analytics module is big data, intuitively presented.

    Benefits of OnTimeCare with SmartSchedule and SmartStandby

    • No need to overbook to avoid holes in your schedule
    • Denser scheduling with shorter wait times
    • Higher productivity
    • Better patient access
    • Happier, engaged patients
    • Enhanced patient communication
    • Increased patient satisfaction


  • Big Data. Intuitively Presented!

    The problem with big data is that few people know how – or have the time – to interpret it.

    OnTimeCare with Predictive Decisioning and SmartSequence does the analysis for you. Busy doctors and nurses shouldn’t be staring at a computer screen trying to figure out where patients are, which patients are still waiting or for how long.

    OnTime Care displays all of the OnTimeAnalytics data visually and helps you make the decisions with predictive decisioning and automated workflows.


    Set it and forget it

    OnTimeCare watches waiting rooms and queuing, constantly pushing updated schedules to doctors and medical staff – right to their smart devices.

    Team members will know precisely where to go next for greater patient throughput – and the list updates automatically in real time.

    You can also apply this to smarter rounding – dealing with more serious patients first, regardless of room order.

  • With millions of unique data points from prior deployments, OnTimeAnalytics will help improve efficiency in the way we deliver healthcare.

    By accessing persisted data from our unique database, OnTimeAnalytics delivers insights into the interactions between staff, patients and portable equipment in the context of the reason for the hospital admission, ER or outpatient visit.

    Big Data. Intuitively Presented.

  • Healthy Hands – Tech-enabled handwashing compliance and reporting

    Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) are among the most troublesome – yet preventable – issues facing hospitals today.

    Studies show that frequent handwashing – before and after each patient encounter – is one of the easiest ways for staff to minimize and prevent HAI.

    Automate Hand Washing Compliance

    HealthyHands from Patient Innovations uses Bluetooth sensors on every new or existing hand sanitizer dispenser. Each one automatically detects whether employees wearing our Bluetooth tags on their employee badges dispensed hand sanitizer.

    For hand washing at sinks, OnTimeCare Healthy Hands measures the time the employee spent washing.

    Automatic Alerts and Reports

    The system can send push notifications to staff encouraging them towards their personal goal or advising them when they fall short.

    For administrators, reports are available by Section, Floor, Building and Department.

    Help prevent HAI with our fully automated and intuitive approach.

    Retrofit existing dispensers to save time and money.

    Best of all – eliminate costly and time consuming observations.

  • Ideal for Hospitals and Nursing / Rehab Facilities

    An option to OnTimeCare Vista – our Bluetooth RTLS platform – FallSentry™ uses small wearables with three-axis accelerometers to measure motion and height.

    If a patient falls, OnTimeCare notifies the appropriate personnel immediately so you can get assistance to the patient right away.

Product Videos

Patient Innovations Innovation Commitment

The next major release of OnTimeCare will incorporate even more innovations:

Clinical Documentation: Access to clinical documentation delivered in SOAP or APSO formats for physicians on their devices in advance of a patient encounter with enhanced clinical and administrative data exchange.

Amazon Alexa Integration: Issue commands and requests via Alexa. From starting treatment times to requesting a medical assistant, practitioners need only ask, and OnTimeCare delivers.

Intelligent Physician Reminders: Doctors no longer need to crowd their schedules with appointments that are really just reminders. Instead, keep the schedule open and ask OnTimeCare to remind you to do a specific task, order a test, etc., on a date certain or the next time you see a patient.

SmartScan: Are you losing time waiting for data-heavy scans to load on screen?

Problem solved: Radiology technicians using OnTimeCare Vista on their portable devices can take a picture of the key scan image. The image is not stored on their device in Pictures. Instead, it’s a secure blob in OnTimeCare.

Since this image is tiny by comparison to a scan, the attending physician can pull it up instantly, while the actual comprehensive scan loads. This keeps the appointment and discussion moving.

Pipeline Products


OnTimeDischarge is an incredible new innovation that will cut several hours between the discharge order and patient exit – making hospital rooms available hours sooner.

Coupled with OnTimeCare Vista which speeds room turnover in hospitals after discharged patients leave their rooms, OnTimeDischarge will add significant revenue each year.