Patient Innovations Announces Healthcare Virtual Booking Breakthrough

woman using app
03 January 2021

Patient Innovations announces a real breakthrough in online, real-time healthcare appointment booking. OnTime Care Vibe is the Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine.

Some of the unique benefits include the ability to put a booking button:

  • On any web page
  • Most search listings
  • Map listings
  • Business listings
  • Social Media
  • Third party aggregators like Yelp

Vibe can also schedule multiple appointments at once, so patients can finally self-serve 24/7 and book both Covid vaccine appointments in one pass. This will save time.

Ken Greenberg, President and Co-Founder remarked “OnTime Care Vibe means greater access for patients. It’s really smartphone booking for all from just about anywhere. For medical facilities this will mean they can book faster for people that prefer to call in. And that means shorter hold times for others phoning in.

That would be a great value on it’s own, but Vibe also includes SmartBalanceTM – automatic load balancing, SmartComm® – a robust patient communications and engagement platform and SmartStandby® – which automatically fills canceled appointments and anticipates and pre-fills no-shows. I’m really proud of Vibe.”

“This goes beyond simply booking two vaccination appointments” noted CMO Jon Batash, MD. He continued, “That will surely make help handle the overwhelming demand for vaccine appointments globally. A surgical group could have their surgery coordinator book the pre-op, surgery, and several follow up visits in under 60 seconds. An obstetric coordinator could book the entire 14-appointment nine-month course of pregnancy visitations in a couple of screen taps. Time is money. This is a major breakthrough.”

OnTime Care Vibe is available now and is ideal to manage the overwhelming demand for Covid19 vaccines.

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