Patient Innovations Launches Regulatory CF Capital Raise!

Ken Greenberg
12 November 2022

Ken Greenberg, President of PI Cloud Tech, Inc. (Patient Innovations), is proud to announce that the company has just launched a Regulatory CF Capital Raise.

“We’re seeking capital to scale the company and support our trusted business partners and clients. We’ll soon follow with a Reg D offering to raise additional capital.”


OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY: Eliminates the #1 patient complaint – endless waiting

PREMIER PARTNERS: Global distribution agreements with industry leaders such as Henry Schein and Marcum Technology support future growth

TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGH: Revolutionizes scheduling, communication, and needed Real-Time Location Services that significantly reduce patient waiting times and increases profitability for doctors

SOLVES #1 PATIENT COMPLAINT – ENDLESS WAITING: Identifies, develops, and deploys technologies to improve the patient experience and healthcare efficiencies

COMPELLING VALUE PROPOSITION: More billable hours and less lost time for doctors

ACCOMPLISHED MANAGEMENT TEAM: Deep executive leadership and history of strategic advisory to doctors and medical facilities across the U.S.

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Note: For investments of more than $6,000 we recommend selecting wire transfer from the payment options.

Tina Vital, Managing Director, Castle Placement, is offering concierge-level assistance for all Patient Innovations investors:

• Tina’s Cell #: ‭(917) 432-8474‬ ‬
• email:

Please reach out to Tina if you have any questions or would like assistance making your investment.

The company retained investment bankers Castle Placement, LLP to lead the offering. For more information, click here or on the green $Invest button on any page.