HealthyHands – Automatic Hand Hygiene Monitoring and Reporting

Healthy Hands – Tech-enabled handwashing compliance and reporting

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) are among the most troublesome – yet preventable – issues facing hospitals today.

Studies show that frequent handwashing – before and after each patient encounter – is one of the easiest ways for staff to minimize and prevent HAI.

Automate Hand Washing Compliance

HealthyHands from Patient Innovations uses Bluetooth sensors on every new or existing hand sanitizer dispenser. Each one automatically detects whether employees wearing our Bluetooth tags on their employee badges dispensed hand sanitizer.

For hand washing at sinks, OnTime Care Healthy Hands measures the time the employee spent washing.

Automatic Alerts and Reports

The system can send push notifications to staff encouraging them towards their personal goal or advising them when they fall short.

For administrators, reports are available by Section, Floor, Building and Department.

Help prevent HAI with our fully automated and intuitive approach.

Retrofit existing dispensers to save time and money.

Best of all – eliminate costly and time consuming observations.