OnTime Care Vista

Real Time Locations Services at a Fraction of the Cost

OnTime Care Vista is like Air Traffic Control for patients, and uses the latest generation of low-cost Bluetooth technology – at a fraction of the cost of RFID systems and with more accurate location data – to monitor interactions between patients, staff and portable medical equipment.

The system stores all of the data for later analysis with OnTime Analytics.

Find Anyone or Anything Instantly

Staff can instantly locate portable equipment, other staff members or patients instantly.

One-Button Equipment Repair

Report equipment failures with the simple click of a button. OnTime Care writes a repair order to the BioMed database and notifies BioMed personnel to retrieve the equipment for repair.

Nurses no longer have to waste time looking for working portable equipment and your facility will need significantly fewer pieces of equipment since everything is operational and easily located.

Nurse and Clinical Staff Safety

A single button press on a small OnTime Care tag on their employee badge instantly alerts the security department, pinpoints the precise location of an adverse encounter and records information regarding the patient and the duration of the event.

Disposables Control

Disposables like catheters and angioplasty balloons in the operating room have expiration dates. It’s not uncommon for busy staff to pull newer items, causing older ones to be discarded. This can cost thousands of dollars every day. OnTime Care solves the problem instantly.

Automated Temperature and Humidity Monitoring and Reporting

OTC Vista will constantly monitor temperature/humidity in refrigerators and rooms throught the hospital. This takes the human factor out of managing, watching and reporting on temperature/humidity – Vista automates the entire process. Reporting is also automatic and intuitive.

If the system sees a monitored area going out of range, it notifies designated personnel and can even write a repair to your BioMed or other databases.

End the Working Portable Equipment Nightmare

“My greatest nightmare is looking for working portable equipment,” said Debra Grim, CNO, Long Island Community Hospital.

With OnTime Care, staff can find equipment instantly and keep everything functioning with one-button repair. Finally, nurses can concentrate on the important things – like patient care!

Millions of Data Points

Our OnTime Care Vista platform includes OnTime Analytics: proprietary, persistent datasets, providing actionable insights you need through clear clinical dashboards. With millions of data points already collected, our OnTime Analytics module is big data, intuitively presented.

Benefits of OnTime Care with SmartSchedule and SmartStandby

  • No need to overbook to avoid holes in your schedule
  • Denser scheduling with shorter wait times
  • Higher productivity
  • Better patient access
  • Happier, engaged patients
  • Enhanced patient communication
  • Increased patient satisfaction