Improved Patient Communication and Engagement

Our included SmartComm® platform is like a patient CRM. It includes dynamic, interactive texting (SMS), intelligent and responsive automated phone calls and emails. (Patients choose the order of their communications preferences.)

Our automated phone calls convert any text we choose into natural-sounding speech, and OnTime Care is smart enough to distinguish between patients answering the call – who get responsive options – and voicemail, where we simply leave a message.

SmartComm keeps patients informed and engaged: before the visit, during wait times, and after they leave.

Late Alerts Upon Check-in

SmartComm will have the conversations your staff doesn’t want to have: no receptionist wants to tell an arriving patient that the doctor is running an hour late. SmartComm eliminates the anxiety of not knowing how long the wait will be and takes much of the communications burden away from busy staff.

Works with SmartBalance to save even more time.

If a doctor has fallen behind schedule and another practitioner in the group is available sooner, SmartComm works dynamically with SmartBalance to send patients interactive text messages offering them the opportunity to switch or wait. This saves patients time, improves the patient experience and retention, and optimizes the practice load and efficiency.

Late Alerts Prior to Arrival

This is the ultimate patient experience: Although OnTime Care keeps doctors running on time, if they do fall behind, SmartComm will send a late alert to patients prior to arrival, advising them to come closer to the actual time the doctor can see them.

This thoughtful touch does wonders for the patient experience, and with our SmartBalance load balancing capability can offer the patient a more convenient appointment with another doctor in your office or at another nearby location.

Each practice can determine which doctors or locations can cover for each other with SmartBalance load balancing.