OnTime Care Vibe

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OnTime Care Vibe – Smartphone Scheduling for All from Anywhere on the Internet! 

Vibe is our Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine. Unlike other booking software that requires you to first register and login on your website, Vibe lets you book from:

  • Any web page
  • Most search results
  • Find-a-Doctor pages
  • Social Media
  • Third party sites like Yelp

This means more access and more new business since patients can book from anywhere.

Truly Intelligent Scheduling

Patients Select a Visit Reason and OnTime Care calculates the correct, variable length of the appointment.

Book Both Covid19 Vaccine Appointments at Once

For Covid19 Vaccines, OTC offers patients both appointments at once. A mom could book an entire family of four – for all eight vaccine appointments – in under 60 seconds.

Book a Series of Appointments in Under 60 Seconds

Simply sets of appointments like pre-op, surgery and even multiple post-op appointments. Then book them all in one click. OnTime Care can even do all 14 neonatal appointments for a new expectant mom in moments.

Greater Call Center Efficiency

Your call centers will book faster with OnTime Care Vibe, too. Faster booking times mean shorter calls and hold times!

Patients booking from their smartphones choose their visit reason.

OnTime Care does the rest.


Patients Indicate Special Needs

OnTime Care calculates the correct variable length of each appointment based on the visit reason or type and whether the patient has any special needs.