Predictive Decisioning with SmartSequence

Big Data. Intuitively Presented!

The problem with big data is that few people know how – or have the time – to interpret it.

OnTime Care with Predictive Decisioning and SmartSequence does the analysis for you. Busy doctors and nurses shouldn’t be staring at a computer screen trying to figure out where patients are, which patients are still waiting or for how long.

OnTime Care displays all of the OnTimeAnalytics data visually and helps you make the decisions with predictive decisioning and automated workflows.

Set it and forget it

OnTime Care watches waiting rooms and queuing, constantly pushing updated schedules to doctors and medical staff – right to their smart devices.

Team members will know precisely where to go next for greater patient throughput – and the list updates automatically in real time.

You can also apply this to smarter rounding – dealing with more serious patients first, regardless of room order.