Lose Wait.
  Gain Revenue.
  It's that simple!

  Lose Wait.<br />  Gain Revenue.<br>  It's that simple!

Intelligent Smartphone booking for all means less waiting and more throughput 

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  Booking for All!

  Smartphone <br />  Booking for All!

Patients crave online booking.
Now they can have it… and then some!

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  Access.<br>   Engagement.<br>   Efficiency.<br>  Experience.

Smartphone scheduling and robust communications give your patients anytime, anywhere access and engagement.

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World’s Most Sophisticated Medical Booking and Communications Software

OnTime Care VIBE + AI Chat lets patients self-serve.

OnTime Care VIBE — our Virtual Intelligent Booking Engine — lets patients schedule their own appointments in real time for 24/7/365 access.

Online Scheduling from Anywhere

Patients can schedule from:

  • Most search results
  • Online business listings
  • Map listings
  • Social Media
  • Any web page
  • Your Find-a-Doctor listings

Take the burden off your call center while providing greater access for patients. And OnTime Care includes SmartComm® — our robust patient communications platform with:

  • Text messages
  • Automated Text-to-Voice Calls
  • AI SmartChat
  • Broadcast texts
  • Secure care team group messages
  • Emails
  • Telemedicine


Breakthrough: Bluetooth Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)

OnTime Care Vista is the next generation in RTLS: low cost, more accurate Bluetooth (BLE) devices power Vista.

RTLS at 1/4 of the Cost of Legacy RFID Installations

Find working portable equipment instantly. Use our one-button repair to report the most common breakdowns. Our BLE solution is barely 25% of the cost of legacy RFID systems…. and yet more accurate.

About Patient Innovations

About Patient Innovations

The Patient Innovations mission is to improve the patient experience and access. Waiting is the Kryptonite of patient experience. OnTime Care eliminates waiting – the #1 complaint – and the inefficiencies that cause it. This means more throughput and revenue for every facility.

OnTime Care Vibe is healthcare’s most intelligent and intuitive scheduling and communications platform.

  • Book from your smartphone or any device
  • Book from anywhere on the Internet – no pre-registration required
  • Make multiple appointments for an entire family in one pass
  • Book Covid19 Vaccinations for a family of four in under 60 seconds
  • Take demand off your call centers and clinics

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3 to 14

3 to 14

Hours Saved Room turnover hours saved per hospital admission
20% - 65%

20% - 65%

Revenue Gained
16% - 55%

16% - 55%

Scheduling Density
3 to 5

3 to 5

Hours Saved Daily Due to improved workflow, schedule density and enhanced communications

Waiting is the symptom. Inefficiency is the disease.
OnTime Care is the cure.

OnTime Care is changing how healthcare works for the better.

These real-world scenarios show how adopting the fully interoperable OnTime platform can simplify even the most complex and often redundant workflows. Physicians, staff and patients will appreciate the improved efficiency, communication and reduced wait times.

Our Trusted Partners and Resources

Patient Innovations is grateful to our trusted partners and resources, past and present, who have helped us shift the healthcare paradigm.