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We started with a vision to improve access and experience by optimizing healthcare delivery.

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Introducing OnTimeCare Vista

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Shift the care paradigm with mobile access that eliminates waiting and lost time,  improves safety, communications and the patient experience.

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Long wait times are the #1 complaint in healthcare. No more.

Only the OnTime suite of products combines mobile technology and Predictive Decisioning with intelligent scheduling, sequencing, staging and queuing to decrease wait times, increase patient satisfaction and maximize revenue.

Lose Wait and Lost Time

Helps Doctors & Hospitals Even More Than Patients

It’s the opposite of the “conventional wisdom” and “how it’s always been done”, but it actually makes sense: a patient waiting in an exam room, for example, blocks that room for other patients. Lost time during a hospital stay extends the length of stay for every patient – and that means fewer admissions.

By focusing on the patient, the OnTimeCare ecosystem enhances the patient experience and improves sub-optimal schedule density. Spend more quality time with each patient because scheduling, sequencing, staging and queueing becomes efficient, intelligent and automated.

OnTimeCare is a robust, scalable, RTLS platform that enhances clinical workflows and CDS using proprietary algorithms that leverage deep clinical insights and persisted datasets.

Breakthrough Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)

OnTimeCare Vista provides optimal location visibility through segmentation, using high velocity data refresh speeds, customized to the asset or resource.

This is the next generation in RTLS: low cost, more accurate Bluetooth devices power the Patient Innovations platform.

The system measures physician, staff and patient encounters. It also optimizes location, condition and the availability of assets. And, it learns and informs our SmartFactors with this dynamic data for more efficient, accurate scheduling and throughput.

About Patient Innovations

The genesis of Patient Innovations: Can we create an intelligent, responsive technology platform to optimize clinical decision support while reducing endless waiting and lost time in clinics and hospitals?

The answer: OnTimeCare Vista – the premier, fully-interoperable, Cloud-based clinical Bluetooth RTLS platform.

Vista is the preeminent patient experience system using proprietary algorithms to leverage deep clinical insights and our unique persisted datasets

3 to 14

Hours Saved Room turnover hours saved per hospital admission

20% - 65%

Revenue Gained

16% - 55%

Scheduling Density

3 to 5

Hours Saved Daily Due to improved workflow, schedule density and enhanced communications

How OnTimeCare Vista Shifts the Healthcare Paradigm

OnTimeCare and our full ecosystem of breakthrough technology innovations are changing how healthcare works for the better.

These real-world scenarios show how adopting the fully interoperable OnTime platform can simplify even the most complex and often redundant workflows. Physicians, staff and patients will appreciate the improved efficiency, communication and reduced wait times.

Our Trusted Partners and Resources

Patient Innovations is grateful to our trusted partners and resources, past and present, who have helped us shift the healthcare paradigm.